• Repost - originally posted 18-05-2012

SQL Server 2012 Availability Groups Lessons Pt 4

This is the fourth tip for making your setup of SQL Server 2012 availability groups easier and complete. Tip 4: Another business requirement in our environment was to make sure that the database was secure so we used transparent data encryption (TDE) on the user database.

The problem arose when we tried to use the New Availability Group Wizard to create the availability group as TDE databases are not supported by the wizard. So you have to create the availability group manually. The easiest way I found to do this was to create a dummy database and then use the New Availability Group Wizard up to the final step and then use the scripting capability to script out the T-SQL commands. This gives you the baseline to start working with. The only thing I found missing in this script was the final T-SQL command ALTER DATABASE [XXX] SET HADR AVAILABILITY GROUP = Extra Tip: Remember that before you can restore the database from the primary to the secondaries and apply transaction logs you must create the server key on each of the secondary servers and create the certificate by restoring from the backup taken on the primary server.

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