• Repost - originally posted 19-06-2012

SQL Server 2012 Availability Groups Lessons Pt 8

This is the eighth tip on SQL Server 2012 availability groups (AG) to help you understand what else you need to consider in creating a high availability environment with AG.

Tip 8: Like database mirroring, availability groups give you high availability at the database level. But as for database mirroring there are a lot of other dependencies that you need to consider for high availability when your AG fails over.

In summary these are some of the additional steps that you need consider/implement to ensure high availability. a) Logins and users – logins (and passwords) must exist on both servers and map to the database users b) Create the same jobs, operators and alerts on both servers c) Have the same SSIS packages on both servers d) Setup database mail the same on both servers e) Create the same linked servers on both servers f) Test how replication works within your AG environment g) Make sure you have your maintenance jobs on both servers

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