• Adam Thurgar

Azure Discovery Day - Sydney

This week I went to the Azure Discovery Day at Microsoft in Sydney. The event was well attended and efficiently run.

The presentation was thorough and covered all the key points of Azure and where it was heading.

It was obvious to me that this was a representation of an original, with some points being glossed over or not geographically significant to the audience. No use in talking about the US, Europe or UK when you are in Australia. I sympathise with presenters who have to pick up other people's work and try to relay this as best they can.

The disappointing aspect of the day was the lack of demonstrations. The presenter mentioned a number of times how quick and easy it was to setup environments in Azure, but would have been better off just showing us.

My suggestion would have to had a mock up SMB - 20 to 30 dev servers (app servers, database servers etc) and create the same environment in Azure. This could be looked at from 4 different perspectives - the Enterprise Enrolment (CIO type), the Department (e.g. Infra manager), the Account (Infra team leader) and finally the subscription level (the actual engineer doing the work).

A few hours of demos intermingled with the presentation would have been so much more effective.

Sometimes seeing is believing.

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