• Adam Thurgar

SSIS and source control

As I have written about previously, we are in the process of migrating a large amount of SSIS packages to AWS and also upgrading versions. One of the most difficult tasks so far has been to find the most current/latest package.

There are all these dtsx files of the same name in multiple directories Sometimes there are 5 or 6 different dtsx packages - but which is the right one? Some of these directories have names with version numbers in them e.g. _v4, others are named with environment indicators e.g. TST or STG, then others with the prefix or suffix of Old or Master etc etc.

This could have been so much easier if the SSIS packages were in some sort of source/version control. I am noy worried about the branching capabilities or multiple developers accessing the packages, this is purely for being organised. So I recommend pit your SSIS packages under source control.

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