• Repost - originally posted 09-08-2012

Date time and the remote app (RDS)

We came across a strange issue with a remote application using RDS (Remote Desktop Services). The date and time on one users remote application was in dd/mm/yy format whilst another was in mm/dd/yy format. We checked the data and time on the database server, the RDS server and the users local machines. All were set to the correct date and time format. After some investigation what we found was the user profile on the RDS server was incorrect. We needed to change the locale on the profile to the correct format. This was then used as the baseline for the creation of other user profiles. We also needed to delete all the old user profiles on the RDS server. After this when the users logged in, a new profile was created with the correct date format. So you just need to remember that for remote applications the user profile is the one stored on the RDS server and that controls the users locale.


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