• Repost - originally posted 06-09-2012

Object naming standards

Do you have a standard naming convention?

Most application databases have standard prefixes for tables (tbl_), views (vw_), user stored prcedures (usp_), user defined functions (udf_) etc.

But do you have a standard for Primary Keys, Foreign Keys, constraints and defaults?

By creating a standard you can make debugging and tracing of violations back to the source a lot quicker. An example would be PK_schemaname_tablename for primary keys. FK_foreigntableschemaname_foreigntablename_foreigntablecolumnname.

Defaults are defined as DEF_schemaname_tablename_columnname.

Check constraints use CHK_ instead of DEF_ and unqiue constraints are UQ_ instead of DEF_.

It is a lot easier to find the issue with UQ_Patient_Picture_FileStreamID rather than a system generated UQ__Picture__2957490CF9A66DF5, although there can be an issue with the name becoming too long and unwieldly.

Just have a standard that works for you.


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