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I got asked today what SQL Server newsletters do I subscribe to and actually read, then potentially file away for future reference (I try to use Outlook categories to help find things). So here is my current list, I do review it regularly (ok - occasionally) and I am sure there are a lot of great newsletters out there that I am missing - but you have to be selective, you can only read so much.

So here goes - no links, you can find then all very easily. the best thing about them is that they also reference other great resources (newsletters, blogs, twitter etc) so you can expand your intake as you like.

In no particular order:

- SQL Server Central (Daily and Weekly)

- SQL Skills (Paul S. Randal and Kimberly L. Tripp)

- Brent Ozar (Daily and Weekly)

- Microsoft SQL Server Team (and anything from CAT).

- SQL Server Pro Update

- SQL Work Books (Kendra Little)

- IT Business Edge - Database Daily

- Simple-Talk (Redgate and anything from their Foundry)

Hope this helps in your desire for more knowledge.

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