• Adam Thurgar

The Oncology Application Story

The next couple of blogs all relate to an oncology application and the changes required for a more Enterprise approach for the application. This also formed a lot of the information and testing for the eight blogs on Availability Groups back in 2012.

The application was originally written by a Doctor who taught herself to program and write this application in VB. It was a very good small system for use in chemotherapy units working out protocols, dosing, subscribing and reporting.

It ended up being used in quite a few well known hospitals and their cancer units. But it was not an enterprise ready application for full hospital use. It did everything required from it, including auditing and reporting all from within the application.

Over time the system had grown and been redeveloped, but then they landed a multi million dollar contract to be the provider for a new cancer hospital and now the application had to start to be ready for that future.

The next couple of blogs are some technical changes that were made to meet the higher standard of requirements and also give insight into how hard it is to change.


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