• Adam Thurgar

Oncology App - DBA's

After a technical architecture review, it became apparent to the CIO and CTO of the hospital that this was not a simple environment. In production there where Availability Groups (synch and asynch) across two data centres, the use of TDE and key management, SSL certificates and more SQL Server faetures such as CDC and auditing to come (and SSRS and Power BI). Plus the production environment was reproduced for a testing/training environment and a staging environment.

The key decision here was that they had no DBA resources to manage this whole infrastructure.

They needed to hire a DBA. The suggestion was actually for two DBA's. One senior DBA (or mid to senior) to be the lead and then a junior DBA (or junior to mid). Only with two DBA's could they avoid a single point of failure.

It was very important to the project that this skill shortage was identified early and recruiting could commence before the system went live.

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