• Adam Thurgar

Review of MS event SQL Server 2017 on Linux - Sydney

I went to this event earlier this week, just to keep abreast of what is happening with SQL Server 2017. The event had quite a small turnout and it started late.

The reason is started late was that the keynote speaker was late so they had to shuffle the order.

So instead of the keynote "Transform your data estate" being the first session it was actually after the session "SQL Server 2017 on Linux deep dive" which was meant to be the second session.

Both of these sessions were quite good and informative, but there could have been better synergy if they had reviewed each others presentations to avoid repetition. Too many of the same slides and then they would have had more time to go into more detail.

Because of the time overrun I wasn't able to stay for any of the vendor presentations.

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