• Adam Thurgar

Changing endpoint ports and owners

Most people know that SQL Server is installed on TCP port 1433 by default. This usually gets changed as it is a well known security attack vector.

But what happens if you are using database mirroring or availability groups. The default TCP port is 5022 and this is also a security attack vector, but not many people change this port.

You can change this port when you create the database mirroring or the availability group.

Also it is not a difficult change using the ALTER ENDPOINT command, (stop, change port and then start).

So consider using a different port for these features.

In other posts we have raised the problems caused by ownership (database and jobs). This also holds true for endpoints. Once again, endpoints are owned by the user that created them and I like to make sure that they are owned by sa.

You can check the ownership by querying sys.database_mirroring_endpoints and you can change the ownership using ALTER AUTHORIZATION ON ENDPOINT.

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