• Adam Thurgar

SSMS or Operations Studio ?

I just upgraded SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS) to 17.6 and the I noticed that I didn't have the latest preview of SQL Operations Studio (new acronym SOS ? or SOPS ?) so I downloaded 0.27.3 and installed that.

I am now wondering what tool should I be using moving forward?

Will Microsoft continue to support both or will all SSMS functionality be integrated into SOPS?

SOPS definitely has the Visual Studio feel that Microsoft favours, but doesn't have all the functionality that SSMS has.

I have read that SSMS is more for DBA's, whilst SOPS is more for database developers, but these days do we really have that hard distinction? I don't see people in a pure DBA role and the job now has many facets including development, more of a database utility role.

For the moment I will stick with SSMS as I am more comfortable and familiar with it, but it won't surprise me that one day in the not too distant future it will no longer be being developed or supported by Microsoft and we make the transition to SOPS.

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