• Adam Thurgar

Installing SQL Server - Part 4 Post installation additional components

This is the fourth part of a series on installing SQL Server.

This is based on an a standalone installation of SQL Server 2017.

This blog focuses on the post installation additional components/features that you may want to create or configure.

The following are some of the customisations that I implement on a SQL Server installation:

- create stored procedure sp_helpindex2 (source Yaniv Etrogi)

- create stored procedure sp_whoisactive (source Adam Machanic)

- enable Database mail XP's

- configure Database mail and then test

- configure operators

- configure alerts

- enable SQL Agent mail and then test

- create backup and maintenance jobs from Ola Hallengren's script and then customise

- enable notifications for job failures

- run sp_blitz from Brent Ozar and make sure that there is nothing that I have missed

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