• Adam Thurgar

.NET Framework 3.5 SP1 required

I started doing an installation of SQL Server 2014 on Windows Server 2016 Datacenter.

The SQL Server installation iso had been downloaded, but no SSMS or service packs.

I downloaded SSMS 17.8 and then SP2 CU12 in preparation.

When I started the install it failed as it did not have the .NET Framework 3.5 SP1 installed.

Previously this would have been a case of downloading and installing, but now this has changed and the .NET Framework is now an OS installation feature.

When trying to add this feature it failed as the OS installation media files were not available.


I downloaded on ondemand cab file and extracted the files to a new folder and used this as the source for the installation. Still no success, so it was potentially back to the infrastructure team to install this feature, or try and change the group policy.

Following the instructions in this link to change to the group policy allowed the .NET Framework to be installed


Also if you need help accessing the group policy editor go to the following.


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