• Adam Thurgar

Power BI Desktop auto refresh

I really like what I have been able to do with my Power BI Desktop prototype. I have now extended its functionality to start a SQL Server scheduled job that sends me a summary report via email and then starts the database backup job. Everything is almost automated except that there is no way to automatically schedule a refresh, then save and publish from Power BI Desktop. It must be able to be done with some commands (clicking a button must action some command behind the scenes), but nobody seems to know what the commands are. I know that it can be done because there is that capability in the Power BI service. If I knew the commands I could put it in a batch file or powershell script and then schedule that. In these days of automating tasks, why can't Microsoft give us the basic tools to at least automate this component? At the moment I am using PBIXRefresher which mimics key strokes, it is not perfect - but its a start.

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