• Adam Thurgar

Application and web site usability

Recently I temporarily lost about 60 to 70% of my vision. Everything was blurry and reading/writing was really difficult. What I noticed during this time was how poor a lot of applications and web sites are to people with impaired vision. I had to increase the scaling on the OS to make things readable, but then basic applications became unusable. Outlook, SSMS and SQL Ops Studio were just plain awful. Web sites from major companies had no scrolling or their windows overlapped. It made me wonder do these organisations really test their applications and web sites for usability for people with disabilities. My answer would be no!! They just don't think about it and to be honest I hadn't thought about it either until it happened to me. If I every get to test software in the future, one of my basic criteria would be to see how the application or web site can be adjusted to cater for everybody's needs. We need to do better.


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