• Adam Thurgar

Unifi network - why?

In my previous blog I wrote about my friends need for better control and granularity over their wireless network and the best solution that I could find was the Unifi range of products from Ubiquiti Networks.

Why Unifi?

Firstly it breaks down the wireless network into separate components. Most of the time your wireless router is doing three things. First being a modem, converting analog signals to digital. Secondly being a router for moving network packets around and thirdly being a wireless access point (WAP). So most current devices are 3 in 1.

Unifi has separate devices for routing and WAPs, strangely they don't have their own basic modem device, but you can get them easily from most computer retailers. Having separate devices means better efficiency and your wireless network will be faster. A lot of people have written about wireless network degradation over time and this can sometimes be attributed to the wireless router starting to fail.

Other advantages of the Unifi network were the QoS features and the ability to manage the wireless devices and networks other the internet. It also allows you to upgrade firmware and software, which you almost never do with your wireless router. You can also setup multiple wireless networks with differing controls, like upload and download speed, you can block devices or even turn off a whole wireless network.

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