• Adam Thurgar

Unifi network - what?

This is the continuation of previous blogs on establishing a wireless network with QoS and internet management capability. We are looking at the Unifi range of products from Ubiquiti Networks.

One of the difficulties in setting up a Unifi network is deciding what equipment you need. There are no recommendations for a small home network or a small business. Once again I used Troy Hunt's youtube training course to help me design the network topology.

We didn't need a modem as we had to use the satellite modem from the ISP.

We decided to get a security gateway device as a firewall and then an eight port switch with four power over ethernet ports (PoE). The security gateway is what gives you insight into what is happening on the networks. What clients are connected, uploads, downloads and the ability to block clients as well.

Two access points - one AP Lite LR (long range) and a normal AP lite used as a downstream booster to give better coverage.

To be able to manage this network remotely you will need a Cloud Key as well.

What they don't tell you is that you will need your own ethernet cables. I would suggest having at least 4 of different lengths. One for modem to gateway, one for gateway to switch, one for switch, one for switch to access point, one for switch to your laptop (or device that you are using to setup the network).

So once you have all this you are ready to go.

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