• Adam Thurgar

Unifi network - how?

This is the continuation of previous blogs on creating a Unifi wireless network. Now that we have all of our equipment and cables we can build the network.

You should use Google Chrome as your browser and download the UBNT Discovery Tool application.

You will also need to create an Ubiquiti account to be able to discover your devices and manage them.

Then I decided to setup the network at home (pre staging) to avoid having to download updates on the slower, limited network at the holiday house. This was a big mistake. The security gateway got its IP address from my home network, but this was different from the IP address from the holiday house satellite modem and when I got to the holiday house, all the devices were working but it a 'managed by other state', which was quite difficult to fix and required devices to be reset back to factory defaults. My advice is to not pre-stage any deployment, do it on the actual equipment.

The wireless network was setup

Satellite modem -> Security Gateway -> Switch

Off the switch we have the Unifi Cloud Key using one of the PoE ports (port 5), they long range access point using another POE port (port 6) and the setup laptop connected to port 2.

The other access point was powered up and found easily and then adopted into the network.

We then just used the discovery capabilities and the Wizard to find all the devices and create the wireless networks.

We also connected other devices to the switch (Sonos and Apple TV).

We created 2 wireless networks. One being the normal Wifi for the owners usage and the other being a more restricted guest network. The guest network is being throttled by a user group that restricts download and upload speeds. We then tested our ability to manage the wireless network and its clients over the internet, so we had remote management.

In the end it worked out quite well and is providing a better, quicker wireless network with more range and capability.

The setup instructions from Ubiquiti are quite minimal and if you don't have good IT skills and knowledge you may struggle setting this up or troubleshooting if you have problems.

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